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Posting by Dave Coyote "October 15 - 2006"

Photos submitted by David Coyote
Picture #01

David Coyote - San Diego (USA) series BN1 Coyote's Classic Cars

David :

I live in San Diego. Perfect Healey weather! I've done a number of mechanical changes. Now I'm rebuilding the engine to LeMans specs.

Now I'm off to visit your website.  Reid says it's a good one!

Didier :

Splendid picture. Thanks David and Reid for the compliments, I am happy to do this work for the Healey marque. And I am happy to make known my BN1 which I rebuilds to be able to present it to “Le Mans Classic” in 2008 France

See my BN1

Picture #02

David :

This photo was taken at the Nelson, British Columbia get-together in July this year. Drove there and home 4,025 hot summer miles.

Didier :

Picture #03

David :

Interior photo shows the Mike Lempert steering wheel, shift knob, and the tunnel I made for the Toyota 5 speed

Didier :

Thanks David

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