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Posting by Richard Gordon "October 23-2006 "


Photos submitted by Richard Gordon
Picture #01

Owner - Richard Gordon - Denver, Colorado, USA - Healey 100 series BN1L Year 1955 - Car N° 224035

Richard :

Purchased from original owner with only 54,000 miles. A us  

Service man stationed in the UK and brougth the car back to the USA. 

Didier :

This car is splendid.

The work of this restoration is remarkable   



Picture #02

Richard :

Restored at my home with the help of Roger Moment. Photographed  


Didier :

Very beautiful photographs



Picture #03

Richard :

Professionally by associated photographics. The restoration took just  

Over a Year.

Didier :

Aesthetic Dream!

Splendid !!! Thanks Richard  

Picture #04

Richard :

Did you know that the body number ID plate was painted with the car and should be body colour? Here is a photo of mineWhen taking it apart...Also note the attaching screws. 

Didier :

Yes Richard it's true, the number of the body was installed before painting. The number of the body was also installed has the interior on the aluminium rods which make the turn of the cockpit. I would show that for the next photographs of my BN1's restoration

Thanks Richard  

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