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Posting by Ulf Hakansson "October 25-2006 "


Photos submitted by Ulf Hakansson
Picture #01

Owner Ulf Hakansson -Sweden - Healey 100 series BN2-L Year 1955 Le Mans conversion kit since new. Car N°228514

Ulf :

This car is a true traveller. It was first dispatched from England to Germany in 1955. Then it spent most of its life in a garage in New Jersey, USA.

1996 it was brought back to Germany for restoration and is now in Sweden.

Didier :

The travel of this healey is extraordinary
A great thanks has all the people who took care of this car since 1955.

Ulf - if you have other picture with the comments of your Healey hundred, you can send them to me. Thanks Ulf 

Picture #02

July 2008

Ulf :

I have over the years continued the restoration to improve the details and to make it comply with the original specification. As you can see it has now got its original bumpers.
At the 3rd International Healey Meeting in Sweden recently, it also won 1st price in the Concours d’élégance, class 100 standard.

Didier :

Thank you Ulf for this update

Cheers!!! for the 1st price in the Concours d’élégance, your car is splendid I like the colors

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