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Posting by Mike Lempert "December 16-2006 "


Photos submitted by Mike Lempert
Picture #01

Owner Mike Lempert - Charleston, SC USA Healey hundred series BN1

Mike :

Hello Didier.  At first I had only seen the restoration pictures, then after emailing I looked at the rest of the site. Very nicely done !  I also see many familiar names and cars. You definitely have great enthusiasm, which comes across very well in your comments. You will love that car when complete.

Didier :

Mike, Thank you for your compliments, I like this work for the sauveguard Healey Marque. This photograph is incredible

"Aesthetic Dream"

Picture #02

Mike :

Also, here are some pictures of one of my cars:

Didier :

Your Healey hundred is splendid

And you make young person on this photograph. Sorry for my english, I hope that it is comprehensible

Thanks Mike

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