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Posting by Dave Latham "December 28-2006 "

Photos submitted by Dave Latham
Picture #01

Owner Dave Latham - Wales UK Healey 100 series BN1 N° 70 BN 1 year 1953

Dave :

Hi Didier, I was 60 years old ( young) on Sunday last, though it was cold here in the UK Chris and I went for a blast in the Healey and had a wonderful few hours.

Didier :

Cheers & Thank you Dave & Chris
I am happy to see this new photograph

§§§§§ Happy birthday §§§§§

You have a broad smile both. Me I was born on September 11, 1949



Picture #02

Dave :

Didier, thought you may like to see a picture of my 100/4 1953 number 70.Still in original condition and running like a dream. Happy new year.

Didier :

Very early Healey 100 BN1 Body 70 Year 1953. Thank you Dave for this contribution. I am happy to see this Hundred, Number 70.

You can see also Healey hundred of Don Husack from Burlington, Ontario (CA) Body Number 152

Picture #03

Dave :

Let me know if you want more or attached as Jpeg files.

Didier :

Yes Dave, you can send me the photographs of Cockpit interior and the engine, with attached your comments.

JPEG format, attention size mini 600 x 450

Your car is splendid, Thanks Dave

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