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Posting by Craig Rice "December 30-2006 "

Photos submitted by Craig Rice
Picture #01

Owner Craig Rice - series BN1 Membership Chairman, Central Indiana Austin-Healey Club of America Indianapolis, USA

Craig :

One of the Austin-Healey Club members introduced me to the web site. Attached is a photo of my Spruce Green BN1 to be added to your web site.I am really impressed with your project. From the pictures I have seen, Eric's restoration work is excellent.

Didier :

Craig, Splendid car

Picture #02

Craig :

Also attached is a photo of the interior. My Father bought our first Austin-Healey in 1954 (BN1). The second one in 1956 (BN2). Both of them are parked in my garage.The BN1 was restored in 2002. During 2006 we logged 3600 miles. No failures in 9000 miles.

Didier :

Splendid interior

Picture #03

Craig :

If you needs the correct reflector assemblies for your BN1 & BN2, I make these reflectors. Mine are correct and fabricated from superior materials. They are Concours correct!

Didier :

Craig, I will speak about it to Eric, he will have some can be need for me or for others customers.

Thanks, Craig for your contribution your photographs are very nice.

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