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Posting by Peter and Diane Nelligan "january 21-2007 "


Photos submitted by Peter & Diane Nelligan
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New Owner Robert Giboney,,New Zealand - Healey 100 series BN 1 year 1955 Number 225434

Peter & Diane :

Healey hundred  N°225434  Year: 1955   Model: BN1 British Racing Green, on 60 spoke chrome wires with 185x70x15 tyres, Jaguar 2” carbs, hot cam, head worked, fully restored ex California car, imported into New Zealand in 1996”  Other Healey is 1966 BJ8 owned by us since 1972 and in original condition. We are very impressed with your website, congratulations.

Didier :

Hi Peter & Diane, Thank you for your compliments
I am happy to receive this contribution of News Zealand. It sometimes happens to dream of the splendid landscapes of your country  and one day  to drive with Healey hundred on the roads of the News Zealand.Your healeys are splendid. Thanks, Peter & Diane

Posting by Peter and Diane Nelligan "february 03 -2008 "

Didier :

The new owner of the Healey hundred registered HY100 of Peter & Diane is now Robert Giboney - NZ

.Peter & Diane :  

We have retained the 3000 Mk111 which we have now owned for 36 years.  Your site is still of interest to us and we will continue to monitor the beautiful photographs.

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