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Posting by Eric Pérou "February 22-2007 "


Photos submitted by Eric Pérou
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Spécial coupé Healey 100 series BN1 1954 11/january - Chassis 150649 Engine 1B/205420 Body 1383

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Comments of BrunoVerstraete : I went to have a look at this Healey Coupe.It can be seen and bought at the Galerie des Damiers in Cassel. The car was made for a Belgian by Demola Carrosserie and is definitely NOT a Warwick built car! The Works coupes were not of the fastback type and were designed by Gery Coker and built by the factory. One of the cars was used by Donald Healey as his daily transport and had been modified with a  100S engine. Photo : Spécial coupé Healey 100 series BN1 - 1954 -11 / january N° 150649

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Didier :

This model is original one

It was conceived by a Belgian carriage-builder in 1954

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Documents submitted by David G Matthews

Bonjour Didier,

Thank you for your kind reply -I ampleased I could be of help keep your website information coming it is a joy to watch.

I had e-mailed Bruno who replied he had been in touch and sent you some lOvely photOs etc.

I attach another Classic car magazine cutting from the 80,s you May know of the whereabouts of this Coupe' also?

Regards David Matthews

Picture #03

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Picture #04

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Picture #05

The rear window is out of plexiglass

Picture #06

The doors and the roof of the car were fitted with body especially for the customer.


Picture #07

The whole of mechanics are in a correct state, to carry out a high level restoration.


Picture #08

The windscreen is in two parts, there are two plays of replacement with the chrome rods.

Picture #09

The front mask is especially fitted with body for the new look of the car.

Picture #10

The cockpit interior is that of  BN1 with the dashboard in two parts.

the color is : Spruce Green
Picture #11
The leather seats are of color green, they are those of origin of the car.
Picture #12
Small a luggage compartment to access the spare wheel and the fuell cap.
Picture #13
Cookpit interior
Picture #14
Detail of the engine compartment.
Picture #15
A small handle on the two doors, for facilitating the opening.
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