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Posting by Brian from California "April 02-2007 "


Photos submitted by Brian from California
Picture #01

Owner Brian from CA

1955 Healey 100 BN1L 226267


After driving this car for seven years I have decided to sell it to another lucky owner. Here are the specifications:

1955 BN1 I changed out the week 3-Speed BN1 gearbox in favor of a 4 -Speed BN2 side shift overdrive unit with the an original steel transmission hump and all new BN2 wiring.

Nut and Bolt, Ground-Up, frame off restoration. 95% of the parts are original or NOS. Except I used stainless hardware.
Picture #02

60 spoke stainless wheels with the special BN1 weave.

Green leather interior and door panels not vinyl.

Engine is completely rebuilt with a lightened flywheel and using Dennis Welsh racing components

Picture #03

Billet Crank
Corillo Style connecting rods
Custom forged high compression aluminum pistons 9.5:1.
Fast street camshaft.
Low profile aluminum sump.
Period Darlington stainless headers and exhaust.

All Austin-Healey LeMans upgrades added:

Large period 1.75 inch side draft carbs (not the Japanese imports)
Oversized front anti-sway bar.
Cold Air Box.
Mechanical-Advance Mallory Racing Distributor.

Picture #04

Brakes are completely rebuilt with a NOS master cylinder running Silicon brake fluid through all new lines to racing composite break shoes. Drums are original and were turned. I also have a set reproduction front Al-Fin drums for the car but they wont stay round (just like the originals).

Picture #05

Shocks are custom Bilstein designed by a Bilstein engineer just for Healys. It's bolt on, so you can change back to Armstrong if you want to. You don't want to.

Louvers are stamped in original steal hood not an aluminum repro.

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Picture #06

Car was painted one piece at a time. 7 or so coats of the blackest paint you'll ever see. Paint is still 99.9% perfect and will WOW anyone.

Custom green canvas top. I've put it up twice for pictures.

Car is registered in California with two period 1955 "Year of Manufacture" Plates.

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Picture #07

Unique but Original Black with Green Interior. 1955 was the only year this combination was offered and I've never seen another one.

It comes with repro early windscreens and aftermarket wind deflectors, I have never used. Also a period Pos ground tube radio, not installed.

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Picture #08

Body was restored in 1998. Engine was finished in 2000. I've put only 3500 miles on it since. everything works. No wipers, but you wont need them.

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Picture #09

I built this car to be the ultimate Healey 100-4 driver/show car. You wont find a better performing 4-cyl Healey off the track, and it always wins something at every show.

It has never been rained on. I have washed it twice in 7 years. Also comes with a cover and a duster.

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Picture #10

This is NOT a concourse car, although I've been told it may get a bronze anyway, if I had the tool kit. It's just pure wind in your face fun.

The car is in Lake Forest, California. That's in Orange County, close to the San Pedro/Long Beach docks for oversea's shipment.

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Picture #11


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