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Posting by Albert Camprubí Duocastella "February 10 - 2008"


Photos submitted by Albert Camprubi Duocastella
Picture #01

Owner Albert Camprubí DuocastellaN° Healey: 231453 Year: 1956 Model: BN2

Albert :

I bought the Austin Healey BN2 in December 2007. The car comes  from  
USA but I bought a European dealer. I am aware that I will have a lot of work in the restoration but nevertheless I will enjoy the restoration of the car. I am going to dismantle all the piece to leave the chassis. Then come back to place one piece at a time to make flawless.
I have already begun to disassemble, which in a few months you send photos of the process.

Congratulations for your website and your restoration car. Will be a great help for me.

Didier :

Thank you Albert for this photography

We await with impatience, the next photographs which show the beginning of the restoration