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Posting by Hans v.d. Kerkhof "May 10-2007"

Photos submitted by Hans v. d. Kerkhof
Picture #01

Owner Hans v. d. Kerkhof Netherlands Year 1966 3000MKIII BJ8L 36868

Hans :

This car I bought in 1986 in the USA (It still has the same paint on it).

In 2005 I came true the BJ8 register in contact with Roger Osterberg from Cambria, CA. He bought the car from the second owner and owned it for 10 years. He regrets he sold it and bought a Corvette.

With this car I have been true whole Europe.
I have driven about 100.000 miles with this car and rebuild the engine twice.

With the last rebuild by Denis Welch I used my "old" cylinder head from the race car together with a lot of other updates for road holding. That makes the engine/car very fast it makes easily 6000 rpm.

Didier :

Yes all right !!!! Bella color !!!!

Picture #02

Hans :

He still had the owners Manuel in his possession and he has given it to me. So after 20 years car and the original owners Manuel came together again.

Didier :

Not to lose the original owners Manuel.

Thanks Hans for this new contribution

Very nice daschboard, thanks also DMH for your splendid realization you are an artist.

Picture #03

Hans :

As soon as the Healey is out of the garage Misty is in it. She loves to ride with here nose on the door and she barks to everething the whole world is from here then.

Didier :

Helo Misty

I like Healey dog