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Posting by Hans v.d. Kerkhof "May 10-2007"

Photos submitted by Hans v. d. Kerkhof
Picture #01

Owner Hans v. d. Kerkhof Netherlands Year 1960 3000MKI HBT7L 7373

Hans :

Hi Didier, Lovely site you have.

This car wich I bought in boxes was rebild in 8 months to a FIA GTS-G7 race car. Since 1993 I raced this car most of the time together with the other cars from Dutch Healey Competitions on curcuits al over Europe.

Full race car, Engine and gearbox from Denis Welch, collapsable steering colum, dual master break cylinder, diskbreaks all around, Limited slip diff., full rolcage.

Montlhery on the way for line up at the starting grid

Didier :

Thanks Hans for your compliments and your contribution, your Healey is splendid and it's a true Race Car


Picture #02

Hans :

Montlhery in 2004 during the last Houre race held on this track.

Didier :

Banker corner, Montlhéry near "Paris France"

Thank you Hans for all these explanations.

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Hans :

This is the way we travel with the racecar to the curcuits. Photo taken on our way home from Montlhery to Amsterdam.

Didier :

Lovely unit with the Motor Home !!!!