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Posting by Jim Smith "May 16-2007"

Photos submitted byJim Smith
Picture #01

Owner Jim Smith East Hampton, CT USA Healey Ruddspeed 1958 100-6 series BN6.

Jim :

Here are some photos of my Ruddspeed BN6

Didier :

I like this red black Racing car

Jim you are a happy owner

Picture #02

Jim :

The genuine Ruddspeed parts are quite rare. 

Didier :

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Picture #03


Continuation the Hans Rieser's question "Austria"

Jim :

Its a 1958 100-6 (BN6).  The hardtop is the original factory item.  The grill is from a MkII 3000 to emulate the works rally cars.  In addition to the Ruddspeed carbs, it has a race cam, high compression pistons, and tube headers.  Disc brakes on front are from a MkII 3000.  It's a wonderful road car and I have raced it at Lime Rock on occasion.

Didier :

Thanks Jim for this contributon