Owner Didier Mongin from "Paris - France"

Healey 100 model BN1 Car N° 225443Year 1955


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Photos posting by Didier Mongin December 15-2006


austin healey france

Picture # 46

View from the front with its aluminium radiator, great work, thank you Eric Perou for the great shot that will be seen around the globe by Healey enthusiasts, it is a pity that DMH is no longer with us, he would have appreciated your extraordinary work rebuilding one of his cars.

austin healey france

Picture # 47

Details of the left front suspension, note the modifications and improvements to the workings of the anti-roll bar.

austin healey france

Picture # 48

Right front suspension, disc brake not yet installed shows the wheel hub made of hardened steel. The entire front suspension was conceived to emulate endurance racing from yesteryear.

austin healey france

Picture # 49

The entire rear suspension including brake drums has been kept as original with the exception of the dual braking system. Great work Eric, this level of work is like art.

austin healey france

Picture # 50

Hardened steel wheel hubs will add a level of confidence during difficult rallies on less that perfect and narrow mountain roads.

austin healey france

Picture # 51

The brake pipes on the rear axle have been rebuilt to the same specifications as racing Healeys of the period. Eric Perou carried out the research to achieve these results.

austin healey france


Picture # 52

View of the rear axle showing the panhard rod. The internals of the rear axle have been modified in order to cope with the extra torque and horsepower of the engine as it is much more powerful than original.


austin healey france

Picture # 53

View of the rear axle shown through the twin battery access door. These are to be installed later on each side of the differential.