Owner Didier Mongin from "Paris - France"

Healey 100 model BN1 Car N° 225443Year 1955


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Photos posting by Didier Mongin December 15-2006


austin healey france

Picture # 54

View of the dual braking system and its pedal arrangement.

austin healey france

Picture # 55

In the foreground one sees the hydraulic system conceived and developed by Eric Perou. His goal was to centralize all the components close together while maintaining the original pedal cluster.

austin healey france

Picture # 56

Dual braking system that can be adjusted for either front or rear biais.This was an important request on behalf of Healey owners in order to have powerful and evenly matched braking. This car should possess extraordinary braking power.

austin healey france

Picture # 57

View of the undercarriage. The geometry of the frame was checked by laser from the specifications entered in a computer, some adjustments had to be made as a result of the findings..

austin healey france

Picture # 58

Arrows show details of the gearbox and anti-roll bar fixing points.

austin healey france


Picture # 59

Overall picture

austin healey france

Picture # 60

A thin sheet metal piece will be installed to protect the aluminium tank.

austin healey france

Picture # 60b

Here the site of the dashboard out of polished aluminium

One can also distinguish the steering column

Authenticate control on the right