Owner Didier Mongin from "Paris - France"

Healey 100 model BN1 Car N° 225443Year 1955


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Photos posting by Didier Mongin April 06-2008


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Picture # 196

Exhaust system exits on the left side in front of the rear wheel.

One can see the cut in the dog leg in order to give extra clearance to the exhaust pipe.

Picture # 197

Air dams will be installed on both sides to help in cooling the engine and the steering box.

Picture # 198

The original tachometer, restored to like new condition.


Picture # 199

Another view of the dashboard, the speedometer is in miles per hour.

Picture # 200

Door striker for right door, a leather piece has been added to minimize wear.

Picture # 201

Eric advised that the windshield assembly will be the last item to be installed.

Picture # 202

72 spokes wire wheels are of the tubeless type.

Picture # 203

The filler cap has been modified on this 100.

Picture # 204

3/4 rear view.

Picture # 205

Another view of the rear of the car.


Picture # 206

Arrows show the aircraft type rivets used to secure the bottom lip of the rear shroud to the trunk floor.

Picture # 207

The spare tire shelf will be used for extra luggage space and the spare tire replaced by ?????