Owner Didier Mongin from "Paris - France"

Healey 100 model BN1 Car N° 225443Year 1955


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Photos posting by Didier Mongin january 26-2005
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The crankcase is being readied for the crankshaft installation. This is the original block that came with the car in 1955. The colour used is the same as used by DMH.


From this angle, one can see the main bearings where the crankshaft will sit. One can also see the oil passages.


The crankshaft and its machined highstrength conrods.


Super damper Racing - Head gasket - Oil sump - Aluminium cylinder head - Crankshaft pulley - Gearbox sprockets - Multi-disk clutch pack - Oil pump - Forks for BN2 4 speed gearbox - Aircraft type flex hose for oil pump - Camshaft/crankshaft gears for camshaft adjustment - etc.....


Casing for BN2, 4 speed gearbox. The angle of the gearshift lever will be modified to facilitate shifting as well as for ergonomic reasons.


Overall picture of the engine


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